Black Sheep Lodge (2024)

The Reawakening

"Black Sheep Lodge," the new album from Vegas DeMilo, featuring "Tuesday Night Fever" and "Charlie Watts."

California Death Wish (2024)

The Lost VDM Album

"California Death Wish," the "Lost" VDM album has finally been remastered and made available on all streaming platforms.  Features 10 tracks, including "All My Life," "Destroyer," and "Indian Summer"

Motel California (2001)

Pinch Hit Records

"Motel California" released on Pinch Hit Records, featuring "Radio" and "Fall." Streaming everywhere.

Before it Gets Old (1998)

The Legendary Masterpiece

"Before It Gets Old," VDM's 1998 indie-rock masterpiece, featuring "Count Me Out," "Lifer," and "Keep Waiting."

Vegas DeMilo

Unleashed (1996)

"Vegas DeMilo," the self-titled 1996 debut by the band, featuring "Teen Age Pornstar," "Friend of a Friend," and "P.S. I Hate You."  The album that started it all.